SocialCops: What We Actually Do

People often post random questions in our Intercom chat channels. Some people ask “So what do you really do?” Some do their research and get more specific. “Are you a data collection app?”, “Are you a database?”, “Are you an analytics company?”, and “Are you a data visualization company?” are common questions. At least these people… Continue reading

Building Smart Cities: The Data-Driven Way

In September 2016, we were invited to speak at the 4th year of The Big 5 Construct India 2016 in Mumbai. The conferences gathered the best of the construction industry and the latest solutions specifically tailored for the Indian built environment under one roof. In total, the conference featured 150 exhibitors (including us!) from 15 countries — Turkey, Italy,… Continue reading

Why Mobile-Based Data Collection Is Here to Stay — An Interview With Kailash Karthik, IAS

From solving hard business challenges with IBM’s emerging markets strategy division to tackling complex civic problems as the Sub-Divisional Officer (Civil), Rangia, Kamrup District, Assam, Kailash Karthik‘s career is a study in contrasts. As a young bureaucrat, Karthik says he was sold on the power of data and technology in aiding efficient decision making. But his journey… Continue reading

MELT 2016: How Big Data Can Drive Big Decisions

On Saturday, August 27, we were excited to speak at ZEE MELT 2016, India’s biggest festival for creativity and innovation in marketing and communications. .@elena_christine will be live at #ZeeMelt at 12.30 pm, talking about the superpowers of #data. #InsideSocialCops — SocialCops (@Social_Cops) August 27, 2016 .@Social_Cops Christine and you guys should keep that brilliant work up! Thanks… Continue reading