We are excited to share that we got featured in Livemint. The feature talks about enterprise technology startups like SocialCops along with four other inspiring companies — NeuroTags, mPaani, Niramai, and BabyChakra — that are solving real-world problems using emerging tech.

“Delhi-based SocialCops, founded by Prukalpa Sankar and Varun Banka, aims at helping organizations use data intelligence to make better and faster business decisions.”

– Nandita Verma, Livemint

The feature talks about our platform and its two layers — a software layer and a data layer. The software layer helps organizations with digital data collection and collaboration with internal organization data. The data layer brings the external intelligence from our repository of over 600 external data resources that measure demographics, affluence, and a host of important parameters down to a 1 sq. km. grid.

The story was published as part of the Digital Dossier section of Livemint, India’s leading daily published by HT Media. Digital Dossier column features emerging technology — including latest technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning —that startups are using to solve problems.

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