We started SocialCops just over four years ago with a dream — that data can make our world better. Since then, we’ve been searching for how to make this a reality and 2017 was the year that gave us the answer!

This year, we watched in awe as the Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy launched a good governance program built on our platform; as we powered the first government scheme to surpass its target by 47%; and as nearly 100,000 surveyors sourced data on our app in 17 countries.

So as we begin this new year, we’d like to celebrate our partners, our team, and our community of awesome readers. Here is a quick look at what all happened in 2017!

When our partners and our platform joined forces, wonderful things happened

In 2017, our data intelligence solutions came to life. We helped businesses create smarter strategies, enabled countries track their progress towards the UN SDGs, and brought governments closer to their citizens.

We delved deep into keys sectors’ challenges and helped leading organizations bring about real change for millions of people. Read some of these stories straight from the field.

year end SocialCops

Our data collection platform Collect took a leap

Whether it was geotagging villages in Zambia without internet or recording 60,000 surveys in a single day, our data collection app Collect grew with every challenge that came its way.

Collect was used to create 83,250 survey questions and take 13.5 million photos. Health facilities, crop sales, waste management, education quality, off-grid refrigeration, hostels, sanitation, climate change, and more — Collect tasted problems of all kinds and sizes.

year end SocialCops

Some amazing people joined our team

Now because we love numbers, here are some numbers that brought a smile to our faces.

In 2017, 46 new people joined our team, with our youngest member being just 16 years old! We celebrated 3 dog days and 25 work anniversaries, created 91 (hilarious) emojis dedicated to our fellow team members and cherished a million happy moments together. Know our team here.

year end SocialCops

You were just awesome!

On this journey, we picked up tons of knowledge and turned it into ebooks, courses, podcasts, blogs, and newsletters that knocked at your door every week. You and 198,000 other awesome people read our blog and joined us from over 215 countries and territories. And we can say is “Thank you for all the support!” 😊