As we enter the last month of this quarter, our team has been working super hard to complete our quarterly goals. 💪 We are solving new problems, writing a lot of blogs, and doing polls to decide the next day to bring dogs to work. We are always glad to have you all to share this with. Here are some stories to give you a glimpse of August #InsideSocialCops 🎉

What we have been up to lately

Earlier in 2016, one of our first engineers wrote down the ideas that we should use to guide our decisions — these have today become the SocialCops’ 10 (base 10) Engineering Commandments. Our Engineering Team has been using these guiding principles to make — big and small — decisions at work. Read them here.

If you are an engineer reading this, we would love to know what drives your decisions.
Inside SocialCops
August meant that we also had to bid adieu to some of our super awesome summer interns. But with this, we also celebrated some constants. Yatin, who is known for building an Android application in 7 days, completed four wonderful years at SocialCops. And Sahaj, one of our first full-time designers, completed three years of awesome work with us. 🎉

What we are hosting

We love hosting young developers, data scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs at the SocialCops HQ! And community events help us meet some of you. We hosted the August Elastic Meetup last month. Read all that happened at the meetup here. If you use Elastic Stack, catch the talks from the session on our YouTube channel here.

Inside SocialCops

We are hosting the Laravel Live India Meetup this month and the Google Study Jams.

What we are reading

What can startups learn from McKinsey about people as a moat? What is the best use of a leader’s time? What do extraordinary people focus on — process or the outcome? Let our reading list answer these for you. Happy reading!

Where should we focus — process or the outcome? →

A Twitter thread on people as a moat by Prukalpa Sankar →

What is the best use of a leader’s time? →

Who we are hiring

We are always looking for some incredible people to join our team. Some of the key roles that we are hiring for include Back-End Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Data Associate, and Growth Marketer. Sounds interesting? Learn more and apply.

Inside SocialCops
If you know someone who you think will be a great fit, share this mail with them or help us connect.

We love hearing from you. Tell us what you are reading, or send us your feedback, questions, thoughts, and high-fives at [email protected]. Have a wonderful weekend ahead! 🙂