“In ways large and small, [visionaries] fight. They disrupt. They take risks. They push boundaries to change the way we see the world, or live in it.”

(Kerry Hannon, New York Times)

The New York Times went on a search for the world’s up-and-coming visionaries, people who are “forward-looking, working on exciting projects, helping others or taking a new direction” in today’s fast-changing world. Their list highlights 30 people and organizations for their contributions across five sectors: medicine, technology, business, climate, arts, and social justice.

We’re excited to announce that SocialCops was included in the technology list! We’re so honored to have been recognized with four other organizations that are merging passion and technology to help solve important problems. Check out the list and our profile here.

“[Prukalpa and Varun] wondered why the same amount of big data they saw informing financial decisions were not being applied to the gnarlier problems in their home country.

‘We thought, wouldn’t it be so cool to use data to allocate where money gets spent in Indian cities?’ Ms. Sankar said.”

(Lauren Smiley, New York Times)

Our co-founders Prukalpa and Varun started SocialCops in 2013 with a dream — that data can make our world better. Just five short years and one data intelligence platform later, over 150 organizations across 26 countries are using our platform to power their most important daily decisions and change millions of lives. Last year, we helped our partners collect 6 million surveys, process 11 billion data points, track 20 diseases weekly at the sub-district level, train 10 million rural women on how to use a smartphone, distribute 33 million clean cooking fuel connections, and more.

What impact did we drive in 2017? Read all about it in our 2017 Year in Review.

One of our favorite deployments is our work on clean cooking fuel, which was highlighted in the article. We worked with the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas and India’s three oil marketing companies to help bring clean cooking fuel to 50 million women below the poverty line in just three years.

The Ministry partnered with us to use data intelligence to effectively carry out Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana, their new flagship initiative. We focused on three key aspects of the scheme: opening new LPG (propane) distribution centers in places with the most impact, tracking the LPG application process, and ensuring that new LPG connections were installed quickly and safely.

Still curious? Read more about the case study here.

Many thanks to the New York Times for including us on this amazing list! We can’t wait to keep building meaningful technology and working with our partners to make tomorrow’s world better.

Image credit to the New York Times