May has been a very special month for all of us #InsideSocialCops. Some incredible, humbling news knocked on our doors. One that we welcomed with arms wide open and dreams soaring high; one that seemed like a dream just a couple of years ago. On that note, this blog is to dreaming!

What we have been up to lately

We were named to the New York Times’ list of 30 global visionaries, and we couldn’t feel more honored! This list recognizes people and organizations that are taking a new direction and working on exciting projects. You can check out the complete list and our profile here. 🙂

In other news, we hosted the Google I/O Extended 2018 at the SocialCops HQ. With some inspiring and insightful talks on everything ranging from Tensorflow to UX and UI, it was one great day! Check out the pictures below.

Friday is generally for partying and having some fun, but #InsideSocialCops it is for the entire spectrum of emotions to come to life. All thanks to our wonderful, adventurous team. Here is a look at how we like to celebrate our Fridays!

What we are writing

We’re growing up here at SocialCops! As we grow, we’ve been pushing hard to make sure that we support our team members from day one and beyond. This means customizing our onboarding process for every new member, creating new opportunities for them, and regularly seeking feedback. Read how we do it.

What we are reading

 None of us want to, but all of us find ourselves there sometime or the other. We are talking about the crossroad of “should” and “must”. 🤔

This reading list will help you understand which road to take, 9 mental models you could use daily, and how to overcome the gut-wrenching emotion of decision making. Read on!

General Thinking Tools: 9 Mental Models to Solve Difficult Problems →

The Crossroads of Should and Must →

A Twitter thread on decision making by Paras Chopra →

Who we are hiring

Your code can help the next billion, your research can power national policies, and your strategies can transform how the world takes decisions! If this is something you would want to do, we are looking for you. We are hiring for key roles in our Engineering, Research and Analysis, and Sales teams. Join us today! Learn more and apply.