Every story has a beginning, middle, and an end; and so does every year. As we came to the middle of our year, we took some time to reflect on our journey, celebrate some humbling wins and pace forward by setting some big goals for the rest of the year. Here is a glimpse of June 2018 #InsideSocialCops.

What we have been up to lately

We celebrated our anniversary, or what we call the Founders’ Day, on 19th June. It was all the more special as it marked five years since our co-founders Varun and Prukalpa first set foot on this journey of creating a data-driven world. Here is a sneak peek into how we celebrated our big day!

Inside SocialCopsWe were named a Technology Pioneer 2018 by the World Economic Forum along with 61 other companies from across the world. (Yay!) It feels like a great honor to join a community of inspirational tech companies like Airbnb, Google, Mozilla, Palantir Technologies, Twitter, and Wikimedia. Catch the full story here.

Inside SocialCopsOn completion of two years of Development Coordination and Monitoring Committee (DISHA), the last week of June was celebrated as the DISHA week. As part of the celebrations, the Union Minister of Rural Development, Shri Narendra Singh Tomar, held discussions on the DISHA initiative and its capabilities. Our team participated in some great discussions, sharing how our data intelligence platform powers the DISHA Dashboard to bring data from 42 national flagship schemes across 18 ministries at one place. Read more about all the fun and work that unfolded during the DISHA Week here.

Inside SocialCops

What we are hosting

This is a new one! If there is anything we love as much as building great products, it is discussing great ideas with our fellow tech, data, and startup enthusiasts. So to do exactly that, we are hosting some fun community events at our HQ.

We hosted PyData Delhi Meetup #25 and Google Cloud Study Jam last month and our calendar for July already looks super exciting! We are hosting PyLadies Delhi on 7th July and Delhi useR meetup on 14th July at SocialCops HQ.

Inside SocialCops

What we are reading

What do we do when someone disagrees with us? What does growing a puzzle around you mean and why is it better for you and the world? Our reading list has the answer to both these questions. Our cofounder Prukalpa shared some learnings from her experience with hiring on Twitter. Happy reading!

Grow the puzzle around you by Jessica Levington

What we do when someone disagrees with us

A Twitter thread on hiring and talent challenges by Prukalpa

Who we are hiring

As we grow and scale our solutions, we are also expanding our team. We are constantly looking for people to join us across Engineering, Research and Analysis, and Sales teams. Some of the key roles include Back-End Engineer, Senior Data Analyst and Account Managers. Sounds interesting? Check all open positions.