1. You own a single pair of formal pants, which you wear only on special occasions such as interviews or your cousin’s wedding.

2. You like to hack — make things, break things, and learn along the way.

Hackweek, Hackathons, and coding sprints are just a few examples of the ways SocialCops values learning on the job and pushing your own boundaries.

“Fail fast and fail early.”
– Tanay Agrawal

Upon arriving at SocialCops, I implemented an object detection system using avant-garde open source machine learning models such as RCNNs. After training the system for 3-4 days, it ended up detecting things in places they clearly weren’t. Then I tried some OpenCV techniques — HOG and a linear SVM. That ended up not detecting things in places they clearly were. Then I went back to machine learning, then back to OpenCV, then back to machine learning. All in a span of 10-12 days.

3. You’re sporty. Or at least are willing to embrace the out-of-office fun!

Football Fridays, Basketball Wednesdays, Captain’s Ball… Interning at SocialCops, you’ll have a ball all the time.


4. You like to work on the weekends.

Nobody does. But SocialCops makes you want to come to the office on weekends. It’s that good. Delhi’s terrible heat also helps a bit.

5. You like challenges. You’re willing to take on tasks you didn’t know existed.

Team:  “Build a dashboard to monitor our Deis cluster.”
Me:  “…Deis?”
Team:  “Yeah, the workflow layer on top of our Kubernetes set up.”
Me:  “Hmm…Kubernetes?”
Team:  “Yeah, it’s what we use to manage our Docker containers.”
Me: “Uhmm…so we don’t simply use ‘node index.js’ to run our apps?”

6. You want to be involved in product roadmap meetings, sales team meetings, and every team’s Slack channel.

Whether someone has been at SocialCops for three years or three days, they are encouraged to participate and give feedback. Friday Demos, AMAs, Townhall (SocialCops lingo for quarterly meeting) — I was lucky to be able to experience all of this and more.

7. You like Lays Magic Masala.

And aloo bhujiya, and papad, and Raju bhaiya ke haath ke parathe… The love just keeps coming.


8. You like wicked problems.

You can’t walk away from complex problems until you’ve managed to take a collective bite at them.


9. You’d like to make the world a better place, contributing in whatever way you can.