high impact startup

How can data be used to build fast, scalable, and intuitive solutions to complex problems like those in India, and the developing world? YourStory thinks we’re showing how this can be done 🙂

We’re proud and excited to have won the Yourstory Digital India Award for the Most Impactful Startup in 2017!

“The fact that the startup has a strong revenue model indicates that SocialCops has hit the right buttons providing solutions where the real problems are.”

– YourStory

YourStory also ran a profile on how our work is mining gold from data to drive tremendous impact. Check it out here!

“We’ve all heard about data being the new oil. But what does it mean really? If you look at what SocialCops is doing, is really converting the sludge oil into fuel. It’s only then that the data makes sense.”

– YourStory

Thanks to YourStory for a wonderful award and amazing profile!

What impact did we drive in 2017? We helped our partners collect 6 million surveys, process 11 billion data points, track 20 diseases weekly at the sub-district level, train 10 million rural women on how to use a smartphone, distribute 33 million clean cooking fuel connections, and more. Read all about it in our 2017 Year in Review.