ensure eureka!

“As students, when we started SocialCops, business plan competitions played an important role in bringing us in front of mentors who could help with networks and connections.

Winning such competitions as Eureka! also gave us the much-needed credibility to be taken seriously right out of college.”

– Prukalpa Sankar in EnSpace

We’re excited to be featured in EnSpace, the official blog of IIT Bombay’s Entrepreneurship Cell.

4 years after their win at Eureka! 2013 (Asia’s largest business model competition), our co-founders Varun and Prukalpa sat down with EnSpace for a chat about their path since 2013, the future of SocialCops, and tips for budding entrepreneurs.

Check out the full story here!

“Everyone will tell you that you can’t do it or that you’re going to fail. Don’t listen to them, just go & do it!”

– Prukalpa Sankar in EnSpace