2018 was an incredible year #InsideSocialCops and your support made it only better.❤️ From getting recognized as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum to making three open-source contributions in 2018, we have been fortunate to have shared it all with you. We wish you a wonderful 2019 from all of us at SocialCops. 🎉 In 2019, we plan to do more good work, take the power of data across the world, and empower more decisions through data — all of this and more with you.

December #InsideSocialCops was about welcoming 17 awesome interns, making our third contribution to the open-source community, competing over board games, celebrating Christmas, and a lot more. Here is a sneak peek. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as we love sharing it with you. 🙂

What we have been up to lately

We worked with the UN India to develop the SDG India Dashboard — a dashboard to help track and monitor our contribution towards Agenda 2030. We were at the launch of #SDGIndiaIndex that will track the progress being made by all states & union territories and rank them on 62 national indicators across categories —achievers, front-runners, performers, and aspirants. Read more about our SDG Tracking solution. 🚀

December InsideSocialCops

Every week our team continues to bring together diverse teams — engineering, research and analysis, product, content marketing — to share learnings, experiences, and knowledge with each other. In December we hosted #InsideData sessions, a content marketing workshop, and awesome Engineering Demos. 👩‍💻 Our team comes from all parts of India (and outside), and we celebrate this diversity as much as our work.

Catch up on some behind the scenes action from our team during the Diversity Week that we celebrated on Instagram.🌏

December #InsideSocialCops

What we are hosting

In December we hosted the second edition of the Delhi useR Meetup at SocialCops and discussed geospatial visualizations using various R packages and cloud storage–based workflows in R. We also launched flyio, an open-source package that allows interaction with data in the cloud directly using R. Currently flyio supports AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, and local storage. Read more about flyio here.🎈

December InsideSocialCops

To watch talk videos and know more about everything that happened at the meetup, read this blog. 📰

What we are reading

In 2018, our blog received love from 600,000 awesome readers like you. 🙌 This helped us grow our readership by whopping 500% from 2016 — how awesome is that?💃🏻 Here are three interesting articles that our team enjoyed reading in December. Happy reading! 📖

Battling Entropy: Making Order of the Chaos in Our Lives →

The Struggle by Andreessen Horowitz →

Hilbert’s List from the Seth’s Blog →

Who we are hiring

In 2019, we hope to continue building awesome stuff, empowering data teams from across the world, and having lots of fun in everything that we do. Want to join us on our journey? Hop on! Check out open roles and opportunities at SocialCops.

We are still on the lookout for some awesome folks to join us in full-time roles —Senior Backend Engineer, Conversion Copywriter, and Content Strategist. If you know someone perfect for these roles, please help us connect!

We love hearing from you. Tell us what you are reading, or send us your feedback, questions, thoughts, and high-fives on [email protected]. Have a wonderful weekend ahead! 🙂