July was all about small wins, new experiences and lots of learnings. Fun fact: This is the 12th hello we are sharing. This monthly newsletter that bundles up all our stories completes one year — we are so grateful to share our journey of building SocialCops with you. Here are some stories from July that made this another incredible month #InsideSocialCops. 🎉

What we have been up to lately

We are excited to share that we released our R package — rLandsat— to the public. rLandsat makes it super easy to find, search and download the Landsat 8 data — no Python or API knowledge needed! The package has also been accepted by CRAN, the central repository that stores up-to-date versions of code and documentation for R.🎉 Read more here.

Inside SocialCops

We are super happy to share that our co-founder Prukalpa’s TEDxGateway talk crossed 150,000 YouTube views! This means that we could share our dream of creating a truly data-driven world with 150,000 people across the world through the platform. You can watch the talk here.

Inside SocialCops

What we are hosting

We hosted the first ever Delhi useR Meetup in collaboration with Delhi useR Group and R Consortium. You can watch the sessions on our Youtube channel here.

Inside SocialCops

This month we are hosting August Elastic Meetup on 11th August from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm at SocialCops HQ.

What we are reading

Do companies overlook how people feel about their brand? How can you better handle the time you spent with people? We found the answers in our readings from July. Also, a bonus Twitter thread from Marc Andreessen with some excellent book recommendations. Happy reading!

People don’t buy products, they buy better versions of themselves →

The P Rules →

A Twitter thread with some book recommendations →

Who we are hiring

As we scale and expand our work, we are looking for some incredible people to join our team. Some of the key roles that we are hiring for include Software Engineer, Senior Data Analyst, Growth Marketer and Account Manager. Sounds interesting? Learn more and apply.

If you know someone who you think will be a great fit, share this mail with them or help us connect.

We love hearing from you. Tell us what you are reading, or send us your feedback, questions, thoughts, and high-fives on [email protected]. Have a wonderful weekend ahead! 🙂