It’s time to talk about the unique, little page of our calendars — February! A lot like its special existence, it was a special month #InsideSocialCops.

We welcomed some amazing people, some powerful features, and some humbling awards to the SocialCops family. All this and more made it a month of “Little Wins, Wide Smiles, and Big Dreams!”

What we have been up to lately

We’re proud and excited to have won the YourStory Digital India Award for the Most Impactful Startup in 2017! 🏆 Check out this story to learn more.

Inside SocialCops

We collaborated with the UN Resident Coordinators Office (India) to create a solution to track and accelerate the UN SDGs. It looks like the UN thinks it’s pretty cool because we’re finalists for the UN SDG Action Awards! 🎉

Inside SocialCops

To further bridge the distance between data and decisions, we launched a brand new feature on Collect. Say hi to Analytics! Analytics lets you get quick insights about your data collection, making it easy breezy for you to take crucial decisions.

What we are writing

Why do we make investments? Ask people around you and the most common answer would be “to grow an asset important to you”. And what could be a greater asset than your own self! In a personal blog, Data for Impact Fellow Carson Whisler shares why he chose to invest himself in impact and why he thinks it paid off. Read it here.

Inside SocialCops

What we are reading

Here are some fascinating stories with a unique take on fundamental things like thinking, growing, and organizing organizations. Hope you enjoy reading them!

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