I started to work for the young and vibrant SocialCops team as a Partnerships lead about two months ago. I came on board at a time when SocialCops was in its early phase of expansion after a few successful pilots.

It’s been one hell of a experience to be on the SocialCops team. In a city that maddens the hell out of me, work brings sanity and fun back into my life. #ilovemyjob is a hashtag I use quite often now.

1) You’ll forget what team calls and round table meetings look like.

There will be no more of those long team calls, random shout outs, talking in a meeting you have no clue what about, so on and so forth. Instead, discuss, critique, and debate while relaxed on your bean bags, and that too only when there is a real need. Otherwise, let’s just get work done.

2) You’ll learn things you never knew about.

I’m on the Business Development Team. Over the small amount of time I’ve spent here, I’ve already learnt to build WordPress sites, use Parse, engage on social media, and more stuff beyond my core job of business development.

3) You will eat delicious Delhi food all the time.

No, seriously! You will never go hungry here. Honey chili potatoes, garam chai, chole kulche, sandwiches… ahhhhh *runs to office*

4) You might attend a sales meeting as part of your interview.

No, I’m not kidding. The first time I met these guys, I made some suggestions about a few things that could be done. Within two hours, I was accompanying them to a sales meeting.

5) You will think twice before you speak (or you might be the topic of the day on social media)

I scan my words before I speak. Not to be sure of speaking the most diplomatic answer, but just to be sure it’s not so funny that it is up on Twitter. Even the office boy is not usually spared.

6) You will watch your step, especially when you enter the office.

Before you know, you will be shot. Don’t worry, just with a nerf. I’ve gotten a little nicer than I usually am. (I don’t want to get bombed by angry coworkers now!)

7) You’ll either start feeling young or you’ll stay young.

As the oldest man at 25, it should not be hard to imagine the youthfulness that runs through the team. You’ll be forced to listen to songs like “What does the Fox Say” if you haven’t already. (Um, yeah, I didn’t know!)

8) Researching on Sachin or following Rajni on twitter might become part of your job.

I’ve been beaten up for watching Sachin bat ahead of studying. I’ve fought with everyone I knew to get a ticket to Rajni’s new releases. At SocialCops, you might be analyzing the data about Sachin’s stats or following Rajni’s twitter moves as part of your daily work.

9) You won’t get a howler mail when you fail. fail board, work, fun

Worried about that stinky email from your manager after you screw up? Not at SocialCops. Just be worried about going up on the fail board, be it a counting mistake or something as big as printing a wrong phone number on external communications.

10) You might just end up changing someone’s life. Really.

It is not every day that you get to enjoy the perks of having to work at a start up while also hacking some of the biggest problems in the world. Sometimes our tech guys wake up with calls to tell them that the code they wrote led to improving cervical cancer vaccination rates by over 400%. Sometimes a safai karamchari walks up to us and says that, because of us, he is finally proud of telling his son what he does.

While you’re at it, make friends, have fun and create history!