This year, on World Mental Health Day, we are happy to announce an exciting partnership with The Live Love Laugh Foundation, the non-profit started by Deepika Padukone to champion the cause of mental health in India.

Mental health is an issue that is silently plaguing India at a massive scale. Disorders like depression, stress, and anxiety affect millions of people.The World Health Organization estimates that 36% of the depressed people in the world live in India.

There is a major challenge around data for mental health treatment — people who need help can’t easily find it because no comprehensive database of psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors and therapists exists today.

We deployed our data intelligence platform to build a national database of mental healthcare professionals in India. This database will let those seeking help discreetly find a therapist in their neighborhood at the click of a button, using a simple searchable interface and map.

Check out the dashboard!

Deepika Padukone, mental health

“We are pleased to partner with SocialCops in creating this database of mental health institutions and professionals in India. Over a period of time, we expect this to be the most comprehensive database in India.

We are very impressed with the expertise and energy that SocialCops have brought to this project that aims to connect people with mental health problems to experts.”

– Anna Chandy, Chairperson Trustee of The Live Love Laugh Foundation

At SocialCops, we believe that open data that is easily accessible to those who are seeking help is extremely crucial. We’re excited to be deploying our data platform for this cause in partnership with the Live Love Laugh Foundation – and we hope it will make it easier for those who need help to find it.