New call-to-action At SocialCops, we hire interns for core functions like building apps, business development, and marketing. Even if somebody is 18 years old, we believe they can work alongside us like regular team members. Many of our interns have extended their internships, completed consecutive internships, or joined us full time after they graduated.

At the outset, you should remember that there’s no easy way to get into a company that’s out to solve some of the world’s biggest problems. You will be put to the test!

We care deeply about our culture, which means that we spend a lot of time on hiring the right kind of folks to join our team. We test every candidate on multiple parameters — skill, intelligence, creativity, ambition, passion, and energy. Here’s what you can expect in your application process!

Step 1: Send In Your Application

What to do

  • Resumes sent in without a note or email are usually rejected without second thought, no matter how awesome they are. Please always apply through our careers portal! (Pro tip: Unlike most companies, we don’t care for long love letters. A short genuine note works best.)
  • We care about the details. If you have a shabby looking resume, we don’t interview you. We believe that the folks who join us are the ones who work those extra hours to perfect the details.
  • While applying to SocialCops, make sure that you show us what you can do instead of ramble about your skills. Android Application developer? Send us APKs or, even better, a Play Store link to your app. Business development intern? Send us a pitch!
  • Research the role and tell us exactly why you want to work with us.

What not to do

  • Don’t call us a “prestigious firm”. We’re not looking for people who are only in this for prestige or bragging rights.
  • Don’t tell us how you really want to learn “data science” or this would be a great opportunity for you. Tell us why you uniquely will make a mark on SocialCops before you leave.
  • Badly formatted emails and wrong spellings in your application set off our alarm bells.

Step 2: Are You Up For the Challenge?

If we like you, we set you up for the ultimate intern challenge! All our interns, based on their portfolio, get a challenge. If you are applying for engineering, we test you on building something cool. If you are applying as a data scientist, we test your data crunching skills. This is where we dig a little deeper into your skill set. We generally allow about 8 days for you to send us back your completed task.

Want to know what to expect? Check out some of the hard problems we’re solving here.

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Step 3: The Call

Only 2% of candidates solve our challenge. If you’ve gotten this far, this is good news. Give yourself some credit for making it this far, because you’ve already impressed the team!

Next, you receive an invitation to a call with one of our co-founders. The call is a way for us to get to know you better. It could range anywhere between 15 mins to 1 hour, and you could be asked a lot of different questions about your passion, your experiences, and your dreams. Sometimes you’ll be asked to solve puzzles or challenges on the spot.

This is the call where we understand if you have a burning fire to make a mark. We often will do more than one call to understand you better.

Step 4: You’ve got mail

If your call went well — woohoo, you get a mail accepting you into our internship program!

P.S. We run a standard summer and winter internship programs, but we also love taking interns for longer internships throughout the year across any of our teams. Interested? Drop us an application with the details here!

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Interested in working with us full time? We’ve talked about our process for full time positions in a separate post here.

We’re always looking for new interns and team members. Think you’d be a good fit? Check out our open positions here.

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