At SocialCops, we are a team of engineers, data scientists and entrepreneurs united by one common belief — that data intelligence can play a role in solving the world’s most critical challenges. And we’re always looking for passionate individuals to join our team.

However, we are very particular about our team members. We’re proud of our team culture, and we protect it by being very careful about who we hire. When someone joins SocialCops, we want it to be a long term relationship. That’s why we invest a lot of time and effort into making sure that we hire the right people.

Finding the right people amid a sea of applications is difficult. That’s why we have an extensive hiring process, designed to carefully evaluate every applicant’s skills, passion, and fit with SocialCops. Check out the rest of this post for more information about our hiring process, interviews, et al. We’ve also added some bonus FAQs (in italics) related to each stage of the application.

Interested in interning at SocialCops? We’ve talked about our process for internship recruitment in a separate post here.

Step 1: Check Out the Job Portal

You’re interested in working at SocialCops? Awesome! We have a ton of positions open, see what best suits your background, skill sets and interests. The first place you should go is our careers portal here.

I don’t know what position I should apply for. Can you tell me?
I’m sorry, but we can’t tell you what position to apply for. After all, we don’t know your interests, passions, strengths, and weaknesses — only you know that! To help you out, we’ve given a ton of information about each position — the responsibilities you’ll handle, the skill set we’re looking for, the challenges you’ll face, and what sort of learning and development you’ll undergo.

I really want to apply for a certain position, but I don’t fit your qualifications. Can I still apply?
Absolutely. If you think you’re qualified for a position, tell us why in your application. If you’re convincing, we’ll take your application forward.

Can I apply for multiple positions?
We suggest you apply only for position(s) that are the closest to what you’re looking for. It’ll help us process your application faster!

I don’t really fit into any of the open positions, but I still want to work at SocialCops. What can I do?
The best way to start a conversation with us is by applying for a position. We are open to changing your position or responsibilities during the hiring process.

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Step 2: Complete an Application

The second step is to fill out the application form itself. All applications include some basic questions about your background, followed by questions tailored for each role.

The application form is a great chance to showcase what you are truly passionate about, what skills make you a perfect fit for the job, as well as why SocialCops excites you.

Do I have to fill out these questions on the application?
Yes. We’ve handpicked questions for each position, and we read each answer carefully to evaluate an applicant. They help us better understand you as a person, beyond your CV.

Can I submit an application without a CV?
No. Please include either your CV or a public link to your LinkedIn profile which helps us know more about you.

Can I submit a Product Designer or Graphic Designer application without a portfolio?
Please don’t. Your portfolio is one of the most important parts of your application.

I have a question about my application. Where can I ask it?
We get hundreds of questions about applications each week. Before you contact us, please go through all of our hiring resources: this blog post and our Careers Page. If our resources don’t answer your queries, you can drop us an email at [email protected]

I want to come to your office and learn more about your positions or talk to HR. How can I do that?
Unfortunately, this isn’t possible. Because of the high volume of applications we receive, we do not have time for candidates to come to the office unless they are interviewing. Dropping by the office or calling HR will not help your application, and we will not give you our address or contact information for this purpose.

Can you tell me a super secret tip about answering the questions on your application?
Unlike many companies, we don’t care for long love letters. A short genuine note always works best.

SocialCops Team - Hiring - CareersStep 3: Evaluating the Application

Once we get your application, we read through your answers, resume, and cover letter carefully. We don’t use a bot to screen initial applications. Lots of people from the SocialCops team will read what you wrote, so make it count!

Every position is different, but across positions we’re looking for passion, hard work, and drive. We don’t necessarily care if you went to the best college; we care about what you did with the opportunities you were given. We love to see people stretching and striving to get the most out of their education or job: through internships, extracurriculars, or promotions.

In addition, we love honesty. We see so many boilerplate applications and answers every day, and they get boring. The people who really stick out are the ones who are honest about why they want to work with us and what they’re looking to get from the experience.

Here is what will get your application rejected immediately:

  1. CVs sent without a note or answers to our application questions will usually get rejected, no matter how great the resume is. We care a lot about your application, and we want to see why you want to work specifically for us — not just why this role matches your current skillset.
  2. If you’re applying for Content, Partnerships, Support, Policy & Governance, or other client-facing positions, the language on your CV and application should be perfect. Typos and grammatical errors will lead to rejection.
  3. We care about the details. We generally don’t interview candidates with badly formatted CVs. We believe that the folks who join us are the ones who put in those extra hours to perfect the details.
  4. Don’t just tell us how you really interested in “data science” and SocialCops would be a great fit. Tell us how you uniquely will make a mark with SocialCops.
  5. Do your research on SocialCops before applying. If you call us an e-commerce startup or say that you want to work for us because we’re a prestigious company, rejection is highly likely.

How do I know that my application was submitted?
You will immediately get a confirmation email after submission. If you didn’t, something went wrong. Check your application page and/or internet connection, and contact us at [email protected] if you can’t figure out what’s wrong.

I submitted an application. When will I hear back?
We generally respond within 7-14 working days. If you haven’t heard anything after 14 days, contact us by responding to your application confirmation email. (Be patient, and we promise we’ll get to your application as soon as we can.)

SocialCops Team - Hiring - CareersStep 4: Phone Screening

If we like your application, we’ll invite you to a 15-minute phone screening with someone from the team you’re applying for. The purpose of this call is to understand you better over a quick call. This doesn’t require any prior preparation, so just be yourself.

Step 5: Do a Task

After the phone screening, we send each candidate a short task to complete within 8 days. We’ve found that a hands-on task is the best way to see how talented and skilled someone really is. If you complete a task well, we know you’ve got the skills to really contribute to our work.

Each task has been created to mimic the work that we do every day. For example, Growth Marketer candidates might be asked to create a growth strategy for one of our products, and Data Analysts may be asked to crunch some numbers.

I can’t complete my task on time because I’m sick / there’s a family emergency / I have exams / etc. Can I get an extension?
Email us about it as soon as you can. We evaluate extensions on a case-by-case basis.

The challenge shared isn’t a good fit to demonstrate my capabilities or doesn’t match the type of role I am looking for. What can be done?
Send us some of your sample work and guidance on where the challenge doesn’t match up. We’ll figure out a different challenge or way to take the conversation forward.

SocialCops Teams - Careers - HiringStep 6: Evaluating the Task

Every task is evaluated by several people from the SocialCops team. That’s why evaluating each candidate’s task can take time. We generally try to respond to tasks within 7 days, but sometimes it can take up to 14 days.

Will I get feedback on my task?
We usually don’t give feedback on each person’s task because of the volume of tasks we process each week. If we have concerns about your task, we’ll bring them up during the technical screening. If your task is great, we’ll accelerate you through the hiring process!

Step 7: Technical Screening

If we like your task, we’ll invite you to a 30-minute phone call with someone from the relevant team. The purpose of this interview is to delve deep into your skills. The technical screening can include technical questions, case studies, on-the-spot challenges, or a deeper discussion of your task.

Don’t worry, we won’t ask you about things you don’t know. Each technical interview is customized to the candidate’s background and skills.

Step 8: Culture Screening

If your technical screening goes well, the interviewer will send you back to the HR team for a 30-minute phone interview. This call will focus on who you are as a person, how you like to work, and how well you will fit with the team.

How do I know if I’ll fit with the SocialCops culture? What is the SocialCops culture?
We recently updated our Careers portal to include more information about our work, different teams and our culture. Check it out!

You can also read some of our team blogs to get a better idea about daily life at SocialCops. Here are some of our favorites:

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SocialCops - Careers - Hiring - TeamStep 9: Office Visit

It’s important to us that our team loves every new hire, and that every new hire loves our team. That’s why we invite each candidate to spend a day or two with us. It’s a great way to meet all of the team members, talk in depth with our co-founders Prukalpa and Varun, and learn more about our work. We also try to ensure that everyone who interviews with us gets a real taste of what it’s like to be at SocialCops. This includes you solving a challenge, a real-life problem statement being faced by the team, which should help you better understand the types of problems we solve every day.

We usually invite candidates to office throughout the week. Sometimes we even ask candidates to present their tasks to the team. In the past, candidates have demoed presentations, socio-economic indices, or software that they’ve created, while others have taught us tips for organizing our calendars or being more productive.

Have any further questions or concerns?
Check out our Careers portal here, or contact us at [email protected]

Interested in working with us? Head to

P.S. These steps aren’t set in stone. People who we really like will skip tasks or interviews to accelerate the hiring process. Similarly, people who we aren’t sure about may end up completing extra tasks or interviews to fully prove their skills.