Over the past six months we have added a bunch of powerful features on our mobile data collection app Collect. These changes have been made with a focus on improving data quality, and making data analysis easier and more efficient for our users. Here is a quick roundup of all the latest feature updates on Collect.

Measure Progress with Monitoring📈

In order to make impact management easier, Collect now supports monitoring of different entities — location, person, object, etc. You can now create and monitor baseline profiles over time by layering captured data over them. This allows you to easily measure improvement and impact due to your intervention.

Collect Features

View Your Responses on a Map🗺

Now you can easily track the geographical progress of your data collection project. Response map helps you in getting quick insights about the progress of your project across different regions. You can even filter the map based on the surveyor and date of data collection.

Flag Bad Data and Resurvey 📲

The resurveying capability lets you flag incorrect or incomplete responses to get resurveyed back in the field. Moreover, you have absolute control of this entire process — you can choose which auditor does the resurvey, which all response fields are resurveyed, and whether you want to accept the resurveyed responses or not.

Collect Features

Scale and Rating Questions ⭐

Not all data can be captured using the standard question types. In order to find the ideal way for your respondents to express opinion, we added scale and rating questions. With these question types your users can respond easily, all via a simple touch or swipe.

Capture All Kinds of Media 🔊📸

Always wanted to get the best view of the ground reality? Now you can have it by adding video questions to your survey. In addition to this, you can also add audio audits to keep a check on how well your surveys are being conducted by secretly recording audio clips at different points throughout your project.

Collect Features

In addition to these features, our data collection app Collect supports a host of other amazing features that make your data collection project smarter and more efficient. Start your free trial here.

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