Welcome to the Collect changeblog. Here’s where we try and keep you – our users – updated with all the product changes, and explain to you how they’d affect your data collection processes.

Update 1: Reporting Module

Reporting is the next big step in our bid to to make Collect a one-stop solution to data collection, management and analysis. Using the reporting module, users can now filter and view EVERY response — including picture and audio inputs for each questionnaire — on the web on a real-time basis.

Why we built it

So far, our users were able to download all the raw data in CSV files on a real-time basis. However, one of the things we realized was that in most cases – during the data collection process itself – administrators used the data to understand data quality, understand surveyor response quantity and flag issues.

In many cases, organizations only wanted to download parts of the data instead of the entire data set. For instance, one of our recent surveys crossed over 50,000 responses and downloading such a large file every day to check data quality became cumbersome.

Our goal has always been to ease and automate the manual work put in by administrators and field auditors so that you can focus on what you do best! With the reporting module, we are taking our first step towards a fully functional analytics dashboard on Collect.

Now, you can filter and view all the responses on the dashboard itself thanks to the reporting module enabling the user to look at the results on a real-time basis in a visually appealing and intuitive manner that helps making decisions a lot quicker!

View our recent Right to Education Dashboard for Oxfam India’s Haq Banta Hai campaign here.

How it works

On the dashboard, you will now be able to see a third section on top called ‘Reports

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Under this section you will be able to access all the responses taken to your questionnaires.

The reporting module lets you filter the data based on various parameters such as:

1. You can filter responses by date of response

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2. You can filter responses by the questionnaire

data collection, collect, socialcops

3. You can filter responses by auditor

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4. You can view custom parameters

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5. You can view responses as both lists and cards

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But that’s not all – there’s another release this week. And it’s a special one.

Update 2: Changeblogs

Our second big update this week is… the update itself! You can now expect a Changeblog to update you every time there’s a release on Collect.

Why we built it

Due to the regular feature updates on the app, it is important that you – our users — understand our feature releases and how they are going to improve your data collection process! More importantly, we realized we were shipping so fast that even our most active users missed out on understanding and therefore exploiting some of our advanced features.

How it works

As a user, you will be updated via a notification the first time you log on to the product after a new release. You will also be able to access updates related to the dashboard on the bottom right corner of the dashboard.

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The changes related to the app can be accessed on the app in the Release Notes section under the Settings page.

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Collect is a data collection & monitoring tool used by more than 120 organisations across various domains – from base line surveys by non-profits to market research and inventory management. 

We hope you enjoy your collecting experience! As always – we really value your feedback, so please do mail us on [email protected] with any feedback.

We’ve helped over 150 partners collect over 100 million data points through our mobile data collection app Collect. Collect all sorts of data, including images and geo-coordinates, under the toughest field conditions with low battery and no internet.

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