Wouldn’t it be great if you could be present on the ground, ensuring the best quality data collection? But that’s not always possible. The latest update on Collect gives you a smarter alternative! With audio audits, you can keep a check on how well your surveys are conducted so that the incoming data is worth your time, effort, and money, and does justice to your initiative.

Audio Audits 🔊✔

With data collection projects spanning remote locations, working with tight timelines and budgets — the chances of a hasty job are high. Audio audits let you secretly record audio clips at different points of the project. You can then listen to these clips and understand how well the surveys are being run on-ground and what problems the respondents are facing. To enable audio audits on a form, just check the Enable Audio Audit box under form settings, and it’s done!

audio audits

In addition to Audio Audits, we have added a bunch of other features to our data collection app, Collect, that will help you make your data collection project smarter and more efficient. Sign up audhere to start your free trial.

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