Have you been wishing for a superpower that would let you evaluate your data collection within minutes? Something to help you get answers to the questions that concern your most important decisions?

“Who are the top and bottom performers in my team?”, “How many total responses did we collect last week?”, “How is my data collection improving over time?”, and so on… 🤔

Launching Overview on Collect 🚀

We’re thrilled to launch Overview on Collect — your go-to place for tracking the progress of your data collection and getting quick answers to all of your questions. Identify the top and bottom performers, see the data collection trend, and do a lot more just in a few clicks! With Overview, you can easily obtain the information that you need to take the next big step. Here is how you can access Overview using your Collect account.

More about Overview

  • The Overview dashboard has several capabilities to help you get quick insights about your data collection project. Check out this overview of Overview to learn more about it.
  • Got questions? Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.
  • Overview is currently in beta and is only available to selected users. You can request access to it by dropping us an email at [email protected]

In addition to Overview, our data collection app Collect supports a host of amazing features and capabilities to make your data collection project smarter and your data analysis more efficient. Learn how it can help you and start your free trial here.

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