One of the major goals of any data collection project is to collect the most accurate data. To make this possible, our data collection app Collect supports a diverse set of question types, and here is a wonderful addition to the list. Get ready to go beyond the limits of a yes/no answer type with rating and scale questions on Collect!

Rating and Scale Questions ⭐

Not all data can be captured using the standard question types. A simple numerical or text input is not always the ideal way for your respondents to express opinion. The rating and scale questions provide visual aid, letting your users express sentiments easily, all via a simple touch or swipe. Here is how it works:

rating and scale questions

In addition to rating and scale questions, we have added a bunch of other features to our data collection app, Collect, that will help you make your data collection project smarter and more efficient. Sign up here to start your free trial.

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