Who doesn’t like faster and easier data analysis? Not anyone that we know of! That’s why we have an exciting new feature on our data collection app, Collect, to ensure that data analysis is simpler and data analysts, happier.

Keywords and Option Codes

Dealing with long column names can be a nightmare, especially when you have complex filtering and querying to perform. But not anymore! Now Collect lets you:

  • Simplify querying: replace complex question titles, and long options in multiple choice questions with short, descriptive keywords.
  • Jump the language barrier: assign consistent keywords to questions and options across forms in different languages.

Check out how it works:

option codes

In addition to options codes and keywords, we have added a bunch of other features to our data collection app, Collect, that will help you make your data collection project smarter and more efficient. Sign up here to start your free trial.

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