Facing trouble with collecting high quality data? We have you covered!

The recent updates on our data collection app, Collect, ensure that the data coming in from the field is of the quality that you want. With image quality alerts and response validation, you don’t need to worry about bad images, or poor quality data!

Image Quality Alerts 📸

In case you did not know, you can capture data in the form of pictures using Collect. With this new image processing capability, Collect ensures that your pictures are never dark and unclear. After all, who likes dark pictures?

response validation

Response Validation ✔

Nobody likes incorrect or inconsistent data! Response validation prevents bad data from entering your responses. It ensures that all mandatory questions are answered, and that discrepancies caused by abrupt breaks in the user flow don’t affect your data quality.

response validation

In addition to image processing and response validation, we have added a bunch of other features to our data collection app, Collect, that will help you make your data collection project smarter and more efficient. Sign up here to start your free trial.

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