View All Your Captured Images in One Place 📷

Tired of having to dig into every response to view the captured images? Now Collect allows you to view all your images in one single place using the Media Gallery on your web dashboard. Read this step-by-step guide to learn more.

Clone Your Survey Forms in a Click 📋

You no longer need to create every survey from scratch. Now you can simply duplicate an existing survey form using the Copy button. Then customize it as you want and start collecting some awesome data! Here is how you can do it.

Know Your Question Keywords in a Glance 🔍

Editing or viewing a survey form in a language you’re not well-versed with can be a real struggle! With the latest enhancement on Collect, you can view the question keywords along with their titles, making it easy for you to understand and edit survey forms in any language. Check out this article for more details.

In addition to these, our data collection app Collect supports a host of amazing features and capabilities to make your data collection project smarter and your data analysis more efficient. Learn how it can help you and start your free trial here.

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