Welcome to the Collect changeblog. Here’s where we try and keep you – our users – updated with all the product changes, and explain to you how they will affect your data collection processes.

This week, we are releasing a new version of the application (1.0.7) which has been updated based on feedback from some of our partners. These are some of the features you should be aware of:

Update 1: See Your Offline & Online Responses Separately!

The application has a new module for offline and online responses. Now, you can see both your offline and online responses (separately) on the application itself under the profile page.

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Update 2: Syncing Data Is Hassle-Free on Collect!

We got feedback last week about how the application faces trouble if more than 100 responses have been accumulated to be synced. Our engineers hacked the solution in less than 5 days, making it possible to sync huge chunks of data. Now you have a dedicated upload data button that will send all the offline data files kept locally on the phone to the server.

Alternatively, as introduced in Collect 1.0.6, you can also email application data to us and we will use our extractor to send it to your dashboard.

android, data collection, data, offline

Update 3: View Your Submitted Responses Offline Now!

The submitted responses (if not synced online) can be viewed on the Collect profile page. The user has an option to edit and update the responses as well.

android, data collection, data

Collect is a data collection & monitoring tool used by more than 120 organisations across various domains, from base line surveys by non-profits to market research and inventory management. 

We hope you enjoy your collecting experience! As always we really value your feedback, so please do mail us on [email protected] with any feedback or use the “Feedback” button in the application to send us your thoughts straight from the field.

We’ve helped over 150 partners collect over 100 million data points through our mobile data collection app Collect. Collect all sorts of data, including images and geo-coordinates, under the toughest field conditions with low battery and no internet.

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