Do smart computations with calculation questions

Until today, questions could only capture data. But with the latest superpower, they can also perform calculations silently in the background of your survey. Get ready to say bye to computational errors and human dependency with these calculation questions! 👋

Collect better data with special options

In a crucial survey, not having all the options you need in each question can be terrible. It can lead to bad data, bad user experience, and incomplete results. There is the fear of bad data, bad user experience, and incomplete results. Fight this now with special options — “None of the above” and “All the above”. Never ask incomplete questions again! ✔

Print and save your responses in a click

Analyzing your data in the form of spreadsheets and reports is convenient, but sometimes you might want to view or save individual survey responses. How can you do that without digging through your reports every time? With Collect, just save your responses as a pdf or print them out. Then access them whenever and wherever you want! 📱

In addition to these, our data collection app Collect supports a host of amazing features and capabilities to make your data collection project smarter and your data analysis more efficient. Learn how it can help you and start your free trial here.

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