Welcome to the Collect changeblog. Here’s where we try and keep you – our users – updated with all the product changes, and explain to you how they’d affect your Data Collection processes.

This week’s release 1.0.9 is a mixed bag of surprises and long awaited features. This release should definitely excite some of our partners and enable them to do more with Collect.

Update 1: Auditors can now analyse their performance on their phones

Want to know how much data you’ve collected but don’t want to call up your admin to find out? Collect now has in-built analysis within the app that lets the auditor track his/her performance.

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The auditor can now track his/her performance via 4 separate visualizations that cover various aspects of their data collection, and also make it easy to analyze how he/she is doing.
These include:

  • Number of responses per date

This shows the total number of responses taken over the last ten days, on a daily basis. This number includes all the responses taken across various questionnaires.

  • Response types per questionnaire

This chart shows the breakdown of the responses into how they were submitted – edited, force saved, or normal responses.

  • Average response times of questionnaires

This chart shows the average time taken by the auditor in answering each questionnaire.

  • Number of responses per questionnaire

This chart shows the number of responses that have been taken so far for each questionnaire.

Update 2: Walkthroughs & FAQs

We now have an FAQs section based on the questions (so many of them!) that we’ve gotten from the thousands of enumerators on field using Collect. Hopefully, this will go a long way in clearing some of the more commonly asked doubts.

We also have a walkthrough that gives the auditor an overview of the app. This opens the first time someone logs in to the app, and can also be accessed later.
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Update 3: Collect can now speak Bengali!

In the options to change language, the auditor can now select to view the app in Bengali. This is to make it easier for all our enumerators in Bangladesh, West Bengal, Tripura, Assam, and other regions that speak Bengali.

We hope this update makes your data collection process that much more powerful.

Happy collecting!

We’ve helped over 150 partners collect over 100 million data points through our mobile data collection app Collect. Collect all sorts of data, including images and geo-coordinates, under the toughest field conditions with low battery and no internet.

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