Welcome to the Collect changeblog. Here’s where we try and keep you – our users – updated with all the product changes, and explain to you how they’d affect your Data Collection processes.

This week, we are releasing a new version of the application — 1.0.8 — which has been updated based on feedback from some of our partners. These are some of the features you should be aware of:

Update 1: Optimised location tracking

There’s a bit of background to this one. When we had initially implemented the location tracking for Collect on Android, it was designed such that the results were optimal. However, we realised that the battery consumption because of the GPS tracking was pretty high.

So we decided to cut down on the battery consumption by optimising the GPS tracking for improved battery performance. Eventually when this went out on field, we realised that the trade-off for battery didn’t turn out the way we expected it to, and we got a lot of feedback about location not being as accurate as it was earlier.

So hindsight being a great tutor, we’ve now worked on getting the best of both worlds. And now, we’ve optimised Collect in a way that it doesn’t consume as much battery as earlier but also tracks location a lot more accurately.

Update 2: xin chào Vietnam!

For our partners in Vietnam who wanted the app to be customised per their local language, we have now added Vietnamese to the list of languages that Collect is available in.

So we wish a happy collecting to all our partners in Vietnam!

Update 3: Numerical validations

We’ve also made entering the right data a lot easier for the enumerators. When they enter a value that doesn’t fall under the limits set by the admin, the app automatically flags the value entered, letting the auditor know that he/she has entered wrong data. Thus, this allows the auditors to rectify their mistake immediately, and ensures that the final data quality is of the highest.


Collect is a data collection & monitoring tool used by more than 120 organisations across various domains – from base line surveys by non-profits to market research to inventory management. 

We hope you enjoy your collecting experience! As always – we really value your feedback, so please do mail us on [email protected] with any feedback or use the “Feedback” button in the application to send us your thoughts straight from the field.

We’ve helped over 150 partners collect over 100 million data points through our mobile data collection app Collect. Collect all sorts of data, including images and geo-coordinates, under the toughest field conditions with low battery and no internet.

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