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The next billion users need apps built for their needs, created by Android developers who truly understand their constraints and challenges.

From 2016 to 2020, 1.6 billion people will start using a smartphone for the first time — not tech-savvy twenty-somethings from Silicon Valley, but all sorts of people from India, China, Indonesia, and the most remote corners of the developing world. These people are the next billion, and they are the face of today’s explosive growth in the mobile ecosystem.

Their experience using a smartphone usually will be nothing like the experience of new users across the United States and Europe. The next billion will access the internet on cheap Android smartphones with poor memory, expensive data, low screen resolutions, and prepaid plans that are often only topped up when the owner has enough money. Instead of lightning-fast 4G connections (with a speed of 5-10 Mbps), the next billion face connections up to 500 times slower — 10 to 20 Kbps.

With these constraints, the next billion users won’t be able to effortless jump onto apps like Tinder, Uber, Pokemon Go, and Snapchat in the same way that billions of people already have. Their phones and connections just can’t support it. Instead, they need apps built for their needs, created by Android developers who truly understand their challenges and constraints.

Building for the Next Billion is a podcast about Android development where Tanay Agrawal and Adwait Vyas, Product Engineers at SocialCops, discuss leveraging these constraints not as roadblocks, but as steps towards building a resilient product for the next billion users.

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Tanay and Adwait created this podcast based on their experience building Collect, our Android data collection tool. Over the last three years, Collect has been used to capture over 20 million survey responses by 50,000 auditors around the world. Collect has been built to work under the toughest conditions — no internet, on cheap smartphones, and with people who have never used technology before. Learn more about Collect here.

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