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The only state in India to have an open data portal as of June 2016. In comparison, 40 states and 48 cities or counties in the United States have open data portals. (Sources:,


Percentage of farmers that are small and marginal in India in 2010-11. Small and marginal farmers hold 44.9% of total cultivable area. Overall, the average holding size was 1.15 hectares in 2010-11, a decrease from 1.23 in 2005-06 and 1.33 in 2000-01. (Source: Agriculture Census 2010-11)

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45-59 years old

Male age group that is most likely to report smoking, drinking alcohol, and chewing paan in India. 18% of 45-59 year old males reported that they smoke, 14.3% drink, and 13.2% chew paan. However, 45-59 year old males drop behind 60+ year old males in reported prevalence of tobacco chewing. Females of every age group were far less likely to report smoking, drinking alcohol, and chewing paan and tobacco. (Source: Sample Registration System, Baseline Survey 2014)

$363.2 billion

India’s foreign exchange reserve, as of 10th June 2016. It consists of foreign currency assets (93.3%), gold (5.6%), and special drawing rights (1.1%). (Source: Reserve Bank of India)



Percentage of institutional deliveries (births in a hospital or health facility) in Meghalaya in 2015-16. Meghalaya has the lowest percentage of institutional deliveries in India, followed by Uttar Pradesh (77.6%), Bihar (77.9%), Nagaland (78.8%), and Manipur (80.3%). Overall, 88.6% (18.4 million) of India’s births were institutional deliveries. (Source: HMIS 2015-16)


Percentage of India’s households that use LPG as fuel for cooking as of January 1, 2014. LPG fuel is only topped by firewood, which is used by 42.7% of households. This is a shift from 3 years earlier, when LPG usage was 28.7% and firewood usage was 48.9%. (Source: Sample Registration System, Baseline Survey 2014, Census 2011)

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Incidence of sexual crimes per 100,000 women in Delhi in 2014. This was the highest across India’s states and union territories. Overall, the average incidence of sexual crimes per 100,000 women was 22.2 for India. Under the Indian Penal Code, sexual crimes against women includes rape, attempt to commit rate, assault on women with intent to outrage her modesty, and insult to the modesty of women. (Source: NCRB 2014)

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