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Number of intellectual property applications filed with India’s Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs, Trademarks and Geographical Indicators in 2013-14. Of these, the most common applications were for trademarks (79.5%) followed by patents (17.1%). (Source: The Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs, Trademarks and Geographical Indicators)


Maharashtra’s contribution to direct tax collection in India in Financial Year 2014-15. This makes it the highest contributing state to India’s direct tax collection in 2014-15. Maharashtra is followed by Delhi (13.1%), Karnataka (8.7%), and Tamil Nadu (6.4%). Direct tax includes income tax, corporate tax, and other direct taxes. (Source: Income Tax Department)

Contribution to direct tax collection


Newborns weighing less than 2.5 kg at birth as a percentage of all newborns weighed at birth in India in 2015-16. 93.8% of babies were weighed at birth that year. (Source: Health Management Information System)


Total number of large dams in India, of which 312 are under construction. A “large dam” is defined by the National Register of Large Dam as “one with a maximum height of more than 15 meters from its deepest foundation to the crest” or having a height of 10-15 meters with additional conditions. Although Maharashtra accounts for the highest proportion of these dams (35.7%), less than 6% of its agricultural area are irrigated by surface irrigation (including canals and tanks). (Source: National Register of Large Dams, Agricultural Census 2010-11)


62 million tons

Waste generated in India annually. This is equivalent to nearly one third of the combined rice and wheat production of India in 2014-15. Only 43 million tons of waste are collected, from which 11.9 million tons are treated and 31 million tons are landfilled. (Source: Ministry of Environment and Forests)


Number of Assembly Constituencies in India. 20% of these (i.e. 824 constituencies) are up for Legislative Assembly elections taking place in April and May 2016. An estimated 20% of India’s electorate is in these states. (Source: Election Commission of India 1, 2)

Elections - logo

320 tons

Weight of India’s launch vehicle— PSLV-C11 — at lift-off. PSLV-C11 launched the spacecraft Chandrayaan-1 during India’s first mission to the moon in 2008. This weight is equivalent to 64 elephants weighing 5,000 kgs each. Chandrayaan-1 was carrying NASA’s Moon Mineralogy Mapper, or M3, which discovered water molecules on the moon. (Source: Indian Space Research Organization)