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1.2 billion liters

Volume of beer sold by United Brewery Limited in India in 2014-15. This is equivalent to 480 Olympic-size swimming pools filled with beer. This beer was packaged in 147 million cases, which generated ₹46.92 billion in net sales (up 11% from 2013-14). United Brewery Limited held a 51% market share of beer in India in 2014-15. (Source: United Breweries Limited)

₹75.1 billion

Indian budget in 2016-17 for the Department of Space. This is 0.38% of India’s total fiscal budget outlay (₹19.78 trillion). In comparison, the United States’ estimated allocation to NASA is 0.48% ($19.79 billion out of $4,147 billion). In 2014, the Indian Space Research Organisation became the fourth space agency in the world to send a spacecraft to Mars and the first in the world to do so successfully on the first try. (Source: Department of Space 1, 2)


Number of three-seater auto rickshaws (TSRs) registered in Delhi as of January 19, 2016. (Source: RTI from the Auto Rickshaw Unit, Transport Department)

42,998.3 metric tons

Weight of fresh mangoes exported from India in 2014-15. 67.99% (29,234.5 metric tons) of these mangoes were sent to the United Arab Emirates. (Source: DGCIS Annual Export)



Number of universities in India, as of February 2016. Of these, 344 are state universities, 232 private universities, 46 central universities, and 123 deemed to be universities. (Source: University Grants Commission)


Number of bills passed by both houses of Parliament in the fifteenth Lok Sabha (2009-2014). This is a 28% reduction from the number of bills passed in the fourteenth Lok Sabha (2004-09). (Source: Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs)


Number of telecom circles in India. A telecom circle is a cellular service area classified based on its subscriber base and revenue potential. 3 states (Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and West Bengal) have 2 telecom circles each, while 6 states (Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura, and Meghalaya) are classified in a single telecom circle. Other smaller states and UTs are included in telecom circles under the name of nearby states. (Source: TRAI)

Note: An earlier version stated that India became the fourth space agency in the world to send a spacecraft to Mars and the first nation in the world to do so successfully on the first try. “India” has since been updated to “the Indian Space Research Organisation”, and “nation” was deleted. In addition, in the Lok Sabha section, “session” was changed to “term” in the graphic for greater accuracy.